British Pentathlon - Performance

Youth International Representation

Several policies and rules have been put in place and sometimes without a full explanation as to the importance of them. Please read the following paragraphs and hopefully it will enlighten you and answers any questions you may have about International Representation.

First of all any selection to represent Great Britain is a huge honour not only for the athlete but the behind the scenes team of mums and dads, guardians, coaching staff and the administrators that all make a contribution to the athletes performance. A great deal of pride can be taken when you get the letter informing you of National Selection.

Selection Policy

The current rules for Youth Team Selection are laid down in the 2005 MPAGB Selection Policy, this was issued in document format put on the website on the 20 th November 2004. This Policy is reviewed annually in the autumn.

Athletes Charter

2004 saw the introduction of the Athletes Charter, this has been issued to all WCTAP Athletes. Everything appertaining to the programme, conditions of acceptance to the WCTAP and other useful information are contained in the Charter. Each WCTAP athlete has signed up to these conditions and must abide by them.

One area that must be obeyed in full is the Conduct particularly when on International Duty. No longer is it acceptable to display poor behaviour, such behaviour will be looked upon very seriously. Team Managers have it in their power to send athletes home at the parents expense in such instances, if this requires the company of a chaperone then the expense of the chaperone will also fall to the parents.

In Loco Parentis

When notified of International Duty the administrative instruction will always have an In Loco Parentis Form attached for completion by the parents or Guardian. Whilst not a legally drawn up document it is critical in case of emergency medical attention should it be required, it gives the team staff permission to sign on behalf of the parents/guardian for life saving medical treatment etc. It also gives the space for Insurance details and emergency home contact details, again both these are very important pieces of information should we need them instantly. Hence the phrase ?no form no travel? it is an extremely important document.


It has now been decided that a condition of taking your place on the International Team, you must have personal travel insurance which covers our competition activity. Some athletes will have their own cover but those that don?t MUST arrange adequate insurance cover. This can be done through the MPAGB HQ prior to travel, these insurance details must then be included on the Loco Parentis form and handed to the team manager prior to departure. The reason for insurance are obvious, we compete in strange and wonderful countries and the last thing a team manager wants is a non-insured athlete requiring urgent medial attention which is being held up due to problems chasing insurance details which in some cases athletes don?t have. Insurance for International Representation is compulsory.

Kit and equipment insurance, strongly recommended and the HQ can give you details of what is available through the MPAGB cover.

Carriage of Pistols

All pistols must be contained in a pistol case and NO pellets must be in the case with the pistol. When you arrive at the departure airport the team staff will take your pistol from your parent or guardian and secure it in a large bag/container for check in at the desk. All pistols go in the aircraft hold in one bag/container.

Check in with pistols is a long drawn out process and due to tightened security at airports the fact that we have upto 20 athletes wondering around with pistols usually causes some anxiety for airport staff. It is vital that you arrive on time and your pistol ready to be handed over (prepared with no pellets in the pistol case, not good to start un-boxing pistols at international airport!


I have now managed to ensure that when we travel abroad we look like a Great Britain team and all athletes have team kit. You must ensure that you arrive at the departure airport in the kit provided and worn in an appropriate manner. You should be proud to wear the national team kit, you will be surprised how many other passengers query what you are doing and take an interest in our sport.

Competition Results

At the 2004 European Cup in Czech Rep we tried to have up to date results on our website, this proved to be very popular and I know all too well what it is like sitting at home wondering a child as done when they don?t phone home. We will endeavour to have results on the website as soon as they happen ? technology dependent though.


If you have any questions or simply want to know something then contact the team manager, NDC or WCTAP Manager ? if we don?t know the answer we will find out for you.



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