British Pentathlon - Performance

WCTAP Funding

Athlete Personal Awards and Training Grants for WCTAP Athletes from 1 April 2005


From 1 April 2005 onwards, Sport England will no longer pay personal awards to athletes at WCTAP level. Instead the funding that would previously have been retained by Sport England to pay Potential and Start athletes (now WCTAP) has been included in the governing body?s Whole Sport Plan award.

All current Potential and Start awards expired on 31 March 2005 .

WCTAP Awards: Amounts and Process

There are currently a number of different award bands. From 1 April, WCTAP athletes receive amounts graded by what age group they are in. These awards now combine the APA and Training Grant. Each athlete is given a formal agreement that ensures we are in compliance with the National Lottery Act; they must accept the award in writing.

WCTAP Awards: Minimum Conditions

The funding agreement that the governing body entered into to receive its Whole Sport Plan award specified the minimum conditions must include in their funding agreements with athletes.

The terms of this award are
  • That you agree to the provisions of the award.
  • That the award is used solely towards financing the cost of your training programme and purchase of essential equipment for you to undertake your training and under the terms stipulated a percentage of this grant can be used towards off setting travel and accommodation costs, these terms are covered in detail in each athletes personal award letter. Under no circumstances, is it to be used for any other purpose and is not transferable to any other person other than in payment towards training.
  • In appropriate circumstances the WCTAP Manager may withdraw or suspend the award and seek repayment from the athlete if there is evidence of financial mismanagement or any material irregularity, whether financial or otherwise.
  • The athlete is responsible for ensuring that value for money is sought at all times. When not sure, you are to make contact with, in the first instance your Regional Co-ordinator and this will be followed through by the Co-ord to the National Development Coach for a decision.
  • All payments are made in advance quarterly and are to be accounted for on the balance sheets sent to each athlete. Each subsequent quarters payment will not be authorised until the previous quarters receipts are received by the WCTAP Manager and agreed.
Spirit of the Claim

Prior to joining the programme most athletes are members of swimming clubs,

running clubs and in some cases Pony Club and BFA. Therefore fees and

subscriptions were being paid at that time. The spirit of the Award is that it is used for the ?over and above normal training? sessions i.e. the one to one fencing coaching etc. It is most certainly not for paying club fees and subscriptions and these will be rejected when submitted this year.

12-month advanced receipt for memberships to whatever organisation this is not permitted.

Payments will be made on the first Banking day after the following dates:

2nd Quarter - 1st July 2005
3rd Quarter - 1st October 2005
4th Quarter - 1st January 2005

Previous quarters balance sheet and receipts must be with the WCTAP Manager before this date.



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