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Selection Competition 1posted by John Woodbridge on22-11-2007

The entries recieved by HQ for the Selection competition 1 on 15/16 December have been processed and the membership numbers of those entered appear here.

National Triathlon Championshipsposted by John Woodbridge on19-11-2007

A big thank you to all those who participated in the National Triathlon Championships at Wolverhampton this weekend. Inparticular I would like to thankall our manyofficials, volunteers and staff who ran the three disciplines, produced results quickly, manned the information deskand who generally enabled the event to run so smoothly and to time.

I think the run officials deserve special praise for standing out in the attrocious weather for hours on end yesterday.

The results of the event are now available online through the results pages of this site.

Selection Policy 2008posted by Peter Hart on16-11-2007

The MPAGB Board approves the Selection Policy for International competitions during the 2008 Season.

Within the document it emphasizes the requirement for athletes who wish to be considered for inclusion on the Ranking list and internationals must attend and complete both selection competitions. In exceptional circumstances this condition may be waived at the absolute discretion of the Performance Team.

The policy can be downloaded from here.

National Triathlon Championshipsposted by John Woodbridge on11-11-2007

Joining instructions, maps and directions for the National Triathlon Championships are now available here.

The membership numbers for those people whose entries have been processed can be viewed here.

Katy on the Radio todayposted by Steve Ballinger on24-10-2007

Katy Livingston has just done a celebrity chat interview 'as live' with BBC Radio Tees. It should be broadcast at just after 3.30pm today.

Just in case you're not planning to be in Middlesbrough this afternoon, you could catch up with it here.

Portugal Training Camp 4posted by WCDP Manager on23-10-2007

Day 4 and starting with S & C session then running before lunch with shoot and swim this afternoon. Last nights quiz was yet again a source of informational lack of! by many of the athletes. The max length of whip allowed in the ride is now 1000cm or as thought by one od our better riders. Anyway the overall winner was Louise with Russell second and Steventhird.

Good to have Carl on board and bringing good quality sessions and feedback for the athletes which I am sure they are enjoying.

Weather remains comfortable for training at about 22 degrees but cooling down each night.

Nicely planned by Russell yet again as he celebrates his birthday today, maybe a little surprise for him this evening?

Portugal Training Camp 3posted by WCDP Manager on22-10-2007

Training completed for today and only the MPAGB Rules quiz and dinner this evening to go. We, as planned went to the fencing salle and it was very fit for purpose, after some freeplay we had a one hit competition, Lizzie winning and Steven/Joelle 2nd and a joint 3rd of about 8 athletes. This afternoon we used the range and completed a run session. Some of the athletes areas expected getting tired and experiencing training at the higher intensity for the 1st time.

Manuel the President of Portuguese Modern Pentathlon is on hand for all liaison with facilities managers etc, he is making sure all is catered for.

Tomorrow is another full day of training and Wednesday evening we are fencing against the Junior Team representing Portugal at the Eurpoean Fencing Championships. Looking forward to this.

Portugal Training Camp 2posted by WCDP Manager on22-10-2007

Up bright and early for 2 hour long course swim session finished by 0830hrs and back to hotel for breakfast, all athletes coped well and topped up on full breakfast.

Departing at 1015hrs for the fencing salle and will remain there until lunchtime then a little rest before departing for the shooting range and end the day with a run session. This evening before dinner we have a Pentathlon Rules Quiz ! needless to say they are all looking forward to this.

Training Camp - Portugalposted by WCDP Manager on21-10-2007

A mix of WCDP athletes and athletes from the Talent Programme departed for Portugal on Saturday morning (0430hrs) and after a smooth check in with bags at Gatwick we had the usual delay with pistols getting on the aircraft. That said, all athletes and equipment arrived at Lisbon airport with us.

Yesterday was spent visiting the training venues and a light swim/run. We have excellent facilities to train at, a 32 point electric shooting range, within 2 minutes of a 50m pool complex and outside the pool 2 x 400m tartan tracks and a variety of X Country running courses. The fencing hall is a short drive away but built for the purposeused by the National Fencing Squad. Hotel is outside the National Stadium and used by many athletes etc, so they are familiar with the needs of the athletes.

Today we started with S & C, followed by a Hill (ill) ?running session, swim and shoot before lunch, then rest and fencing this afteroon. All the athletes are in good shape and spirit so far.

Junior World Championships - Men's Relayposted by John Woodbridge on30-09-2007

Shoot: Nick: 90, Jack: 90, Gareth: 81. 9th out of 15 teams.

Fence: 65V/61D. team remains 9th. All very close with only just over 100 points separating top 9 places.

Swim: Nick: 51.97, Jack: 55.87, Gareth:58.21. 2nd in swim with 1352 points, beaten by just 1/100th second by the Russians. Team 7th overall on 3204. 3rd place team have 3304.

Ride: Nick: Clear, Jack: Clear, Gareth: 1 refusal. Team now placed 4th. Delay due to protest after the ride.

Run: 13:43.67.

Team finished in 5th place overall.

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