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Performance Lifestyle for Modern Pentathlon

What is Performance Lifestyle?

Performance Lifestyle is a support service for high achieving athletes who want to successfully integrate all aspects of their lives with compromising their sporting goals. With many of you on the TAP programme being at school, college or university you?ll be all too aware that managing your studies with a five discipline sport can sometimes be very challenging. Furthermore, when one aspect of your life is not going so well, the pressure you?re under can have a negative impact on other aspects of your life.

How can Performance Lifestyle help you?

Performance Lifestyle is delivered mainly an individualised support service specifically designed to help you become more effective at managing your commitments. By understanding what your goals are in life, the support you receive will help you to develop the skills necessary to support your success and provide you with appropriate information to make more informed decisions.

From a TAP programme perspective the support you receive may be in the form of negotiation with your school or college to move assignment deadlines or exams to more convenient times or locations. Other scenarios where support is often provided is in making the right course choices for university, writing your UCAS application and personal statement, and making the right contacts to support your application.

Other common areas of support are provided through financial advice (grants, loans, scholarships, bursaries, sponsorship, athlete personal awards etc) plus the area of time management - that doesn?t just mean owning a diary!

How do you access Performance Lifestyle support?

You would always be encouraged you to talk through any immediate concerns with your coach or relevant contact at the MPAGB whether it is Bernie Moss or Stuart Mason and they would in turn refer you to the EIS. However, you are also welcome to contact the EIS directly.

In this instance, wherever you are based in the country, all requests should come to Nick Slade at the EIS in Bath. Nick will then either provide you with the relevant support or will refer you to the EIS Athlete Support Manager in your training region.

You can contact Nick on 0870 759 0574 or by email.



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