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Drugs in Sport

UK Sport, as part of its overall sporting excellence remit, is committed to promoting ethically fair and drug-free sport, with the aim of producing sportsmen and women who are competing and winning fairly.

The MPAGB support the view that the use of doping substances or doping methods to enhance performance is cheating, unfair and contrary to the spirit of fair competition. Drug misuse can be harmful to an athlete's health or to other athletes competing in the sport. It severely damages the integrity, image and value of sport, whether or not the motivation to use drugs is to improve performance.

At the MPAGB Board meeting on 12 September 2006 a new Anti Doping Policy was approved.

As part of its responsibilities in promoting a World Class standard in Modern Pentathlon, the MPAGB is committed to producing pentathletes who are competing and winning fairly. The MPAGB subscribes to the UK Sport Anti-Doping Programme and the UKs National Anti-Doping Policy.

All pentathletes have a responsibility to compete cleanly and fairly. Under the 'strict liability' rules set out in international sport, you are responsible for any prohibited substances found in your system. It is therefore vital you understand the rules, policies and procedures that exist to protect your right to compete on a level playing field.

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TUE Information

World Anti Doping Agency

UK Sport is responsible for the implementation and management of the UK's anti-doping policy. As part of this, UK Sport co-ordinates the UK's testing programme which every year sees over 6,000 tests carried out across more than 40 sports. The results of the testing programme are published quarterly and made available on their website.

In addition, UK Sport provides British athletes and their support personnel with a number of services and resources to help them make the right decisions about what substances they can and cannot use. This includes factsheets which can be downloaded and you can check out to see if specific substances are banned or permitted, by searching on their Drug Information Database.

The UIPM website now has the updated WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)Prohibited List 2004.

Alternatively, information about the Prohibited List and the 2004 Monitoring Program can be found on the WADA website.

A website aimed directly at young athletes StartClean was launched in 2004 to help them understand how to avoid the dangers of taking drugs and the procedures involved in testing. The Athletes Zone is particularly useful.

Guidance to who could be drug tested, when and what to do if you are taking medication
Who is liable for testing?

Within the rules of Modern Pentathlon only athletes competing in Senior, Junior, Youth A and B competitions in domestic and international Modern Pentathlon and Biathle competitions are liable for in competition testing.

At what competitions could they be tested?

All athletes who compete in competitions below:

  • British Open Modern Pentathlon Championships
  • British Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships
  • Selection Competitions
  • British Open Tetrathlon Championships
  • British Junior Tetrathlon Championships
  • British Open Biathle Championships
  • British Junior Biathle Championships

Athletes competing in domestic Youth competitions are not liable for testing.

Who is liable for out of competition testing?

There are two pools designated for this purpose.

  1. IF Registered Testing Pool
    • The UIPM have an IF Pool of 15 athletes in the top 15 as at the Ranking List on the 1st Jan of that year.

  2. National Registered Testing Pool
    • To include all GB athletes within the IF Registered Testing Pool
    • All World Class Performance funded athletes
    • All athletes who represent Great Britain at Modern Pentathlon at Senior and Junior Level.
    • All athletes currently subject to a sanction relating to an anti-doping rule violation.
Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)

An athlete can take certain medications providing an agreement has been made between either the athlete and UIPM or the athlete and UK Sport.

International Athletes have to send their TUE direct to UIPM for approval with a copy sent to UK Sport.

National and International athletes that compete in the specified competitions by the MPAGB have to submit their TUEs to MPAGB who forward them on to UK Sport for approval. More information on TUE is available on the UK Sport site.

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