British Pentathlon - Biathle

Rules of Biathle


All competitors must be full members of the MPAGB (Modern Pentathlon Association of Great Britain) or their National Federation. Membership information is available here.

Age Categories

Age Group Category Run(m) Swim(m) Run(m)
10yrs E 500 50 500
11/12yrs D 500 50 500
13/14yrs C 500 100 500
15/16yrs B 1000 200 1000
17/18yrs A 1500 200 1500
19-21yrs Junior 1500 200 1500
22-39yrs Senior 1500 200 1500
40; 50; 60 yrs Masters (A; B; C) 1000 100 1000

Order of Events
  • The Biathle competition begins with a pack start, in which all competitors gather at the starting line. The firing of a start gun commences the race.
  • In case of a false start, a second start will be given. In case of a second false start, the respective athlete's start number will be called and the athlete will be penalised with 10 seconds on the starting line.
  • Jockeying for position during the first few meters of the race will be accepted however un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.
  • Competitors must stay inside the competition lane during the race. Competitors leaving the competition lane will be disqualified.
  • Competitors run the first leg of the running portion of the race to the swimming area.
  • The final 50 meters of the first running portion of the competition is a transition zone, in which the competitors remove their shoes (and socks, if worn) and place them in the pre-assigned boxes (designated with the respective athlete's start number), before diving into the water.
  • Athletes are required to place a!l their kit in the transition boxes and not to hand them to other persons or leave them on the ground or elsewhere other than in their assigned transition box. Should any item be left on the floor, the competitor will be asked to return to place it in the box or risk disqualification.
  • Competitors are not allowed any outside assistance during the race.
  • Competitors may enter the water and swim free style (in any fashion) and swim the required length.
  • Upon completion of the swim, the competitors must locate their shoes in the pre-assigned boxes and put them back on before continuing the race. Athletes must wear their shoes during the running portions of the competition.
  • The competitors complete the final leg of (lie run to the finish line. The first person to cross the finish line wins.
  • For Biathle competitions, athletes should wear a swimsuit or tight-fitting one-piece or two-piece body suit that is capable of being worn for each segment of the competition. This will eliminate the loss of time in removing or changing clothing between the various legs of the competition. All athletes must wear their tops throughout the race.
  • Athletes are not permitted to wear shoes during the swimming portion of the event.
  • Athletes must wear shoes for the running sections of the event

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