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International Modern Pentathlon Competitions

Olympic Games

From 1912 to 1980 the Olympic Modern Pentathlon competition was held over five days with one event per day. Between 1984 and 1992, experiments with the format of the sport meant that the competition was held over four days with either running and shooting or swimming and shooting on the same day. There were individual medals awarded and Team medals were decided by adding the three individual scores of Team members together.

For the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, the competition was a one-day event in which 32 men who qualified at pre-Olympic competitions participated. Only individual medals were awarded. In 1998, the UIPM received approval for women to compete in the Sydney 2000 Olympics Games.

In Sydney 2000, 24 men and 24 women competed in the individual competition. For the first time in history, the Pentathlon venues were 96% sold out. Stephanie Cook won the Gold Medal for Great Britain in the Women?s? Modern Pentathlon.

In Athens 2004, 32 men and 32 women competed in the individual competition.

World Championships

World Championships take place annually for the following age groups: Men, Women, Junior Men and Women, Youth A (boys and girls 17-18 years)

Youth World Championships differ slightly in their format in that they do not include riding. A number of at least 96 Men and Women may compete at the World Championships, having achieved a qualifying standard.

There are three elements to the World Championships:

  • Semi-Finals for the Individual competition;
  • Finals for the Individual competition and
  • The Team Relay competition.

Athletes qualify for the Final via two or three Semi-Final groups of up to 32 athletes. If there are two Semi-Finals the top 16 from each qualify. Where there are three semis the top ten in each semi are promoted and the best two 11th placed athletes.

The Final is therefore comprises the best 32 competitors from such qualification. Individual medals are awarded as well as team medals which are decided by adding the three individual team member?s scores together.

Team Relay

The Team Relay event consists of 16 teams of three athletes competing in a continuous relay completed in one day. Each Team Member fires 10 shots, swims 100m, fences one opposing team member, runs 1,500m, and rides a horse over 8 x show jumps. In this way, the relay competition is an exciting spectacle requiring contribution form each team member in every event.

World Cup Competition

A World Cup series for both Men and Women has been organised since 1990.

The best 32 athletes qualify for the World Cup Final via a league table constructed from their three best results at World Cup competitions. The very best 32 athletes are guaranteed to compete in the Finals.



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