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World Cup Mexico March 2posted by J Bartu on03-03-2008

Frequent traveller nightmare happens when carefully made bookings and timings become subject to human factor. Electronic reservations, email and print off confirmations turn to be useless as soon as a brainless agent calls a bad shot. Our minibus was rented out to other people 15 minutes before I arrived igniting my first and certainly not the last emotional disturbance. At least I could quickly recall Spanish words describing my feelings. Agency learnt and delivered the van next morning allowing us to get on with the programme. Today I needed to ask for some directions forgetting that locals do not know their city by streets and buildings. They know individual landmarks which are related to their personal experience but utterly waste of time for someone who has not a clue what they are talking about. Never mind we managed to reach our destination even thou I drove for a moment in the wrong direction (only minor offence here). This isthe first visit for the girls in